borgo marina diving via croce di malta 59
18100 imperia
+39 329 2215647
ARE YOU TIRED TO BE "TROOPED" ON A 7 MT. rib with other 12 people, where to get dressed you need to be a high level contortionist?
Even tired to carry all your equipment up and down on the jetty just to give some fun to your back hake?
Are you stressed about the short dive time post industrial revolution style?
Are you worried about where to "park" your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend or, your adorable kids?
Well, if this is, the Borg Marina Diving is the place for you!!
The rib We have is a 9.50 mt. prepared to fit only 10 divers in the most comfortable way!
The embarking area is only 30 mt. far from the diving center, and you donít even have to worry for your equipment, We will load it !!
Two dives a day, first in the morning around 08.30 h, next around 15.00 h in the afternoon, this program, will give us all the time We need or We want, to have a beautiful relaxing day on, and underwater.
On the top of this, your family or friends will be welcome guest at Spinnaker, our seaside resort.
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